Tutorial videos

How to set up your co-simulation platform

Learn about main CosiMate features, its capabilities and ease of set-up and use.

Multi-model co-simulation of Powertrain

Vehicle dynamic, main control, traction and braking calculation, C code for user control coupled using CosiMate

Multi-site co-simulation

Record of demo introducing distributed co-simulation between two machines, one in France and another in Japan.

Landing Gear System

ATA 29 (Amesim) and ATA 32 (Simulink) coupled using CosiMate.

FMU cosimulation with CosiMate

How to co-simulate FMU model (exported from Simulink) with another simulator ?
FMU 1.0 and 2.0, win32 and win64 supported.

Multi-FMU validation platform using CosiMate

How to create a reference co-simulation platform to validate FMUs exported from any tool.