Frequently Asked Questions

Q : is there any limit of number of coupling instances

A : No the fmi coupling is not limited in term of number of instance or in term of feature

Q : Will the fmi coupler be updated when new release of FMI are published

A : Yes we are part of the tools and will continuously support the fmi for cosimulation standard

Q : How is the FMI coupler supported by Chiastek

A : Chiastek is still responsible for the functioning of all couplersand as such the fmi is part of it

Q : Are they other coupling under consideration?
A : No. It is only to contribute to the FMI ecosystem.
Q : Will the coupler be available as open source software
A : Not at this time, because Chiastek will still carry the responsibility of the coupling and support it as part of the CosiMate maintenance contract
Q : Can I use the CosiMate FMI coupling with co-simulation platform
A : Not at this time. It is only working with the CosiMate software

Q : Is there any restriction on the source generating the fmu

A : no since fmi is a standard, any official tool can generate an fmu that can be instantiated into a CosiMate platform