Please find below all the information required to download and to install the version 2016.04 of CosiMate.

Release Updates

May, 11th, 2016 – Version Release

  • Main features:
    • Windows 10 support
    • Support of most recent version of coupled simulators
    • Stability and performance improved

Installation instructions

  1. Choose the version (32 bits or 64 bits) and click on the corresponding link to access download page (password required)
  2. Download the CosiMate main installer, and the installers for the required coupling software (see below).
    • Note: All setup files shall be stored in the same folder.
    • Note: The full package can also be downloaded
  3. Recommended: disable any anti-virus software during the installation phase.
  4. Run the main installer: "CosiMate 2016.04 v8.1.0 x86 Setup.exe" or "CosiMate 2016.04 v8.1.0 x64 Setup.exe" depending on the architecture (32 or 64 bits) of the machine. The main installer will install all CosiMate coupling software downloaded in the same directory as the main installer.

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